Sol Flower - Zinc Suncare Serum

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A daily, lightweight suncare & skincare serum in one.  Combining 11% non-nano zinc oxide with synergistic oils to boost protection & promote a youthful, radiant complexion.  Its silky texture effortlessly glides onto your skin, leaving behind a luminous glow. 

Crafted with the same sun-skin protecting oils found in our Suncare Face Oil, this serum has the added defense of non-nano zinc oxide, ensuring your skin stays safeguarded even under the brightest of days.

Zinc protection is enhanced with the natural sun protection properties of Watermelon Seed Oil, known for enhancing your skin's melanin production, alongside Raspberry Seed Oil, which offers UVA protection. These fruit oils are further enhanced with concentrated essences of sun-safe botanicals blended with nourishing tropical fruit and flower seed oils. This combination ensures your skin stays hydrated and supported during sun exposure, thanks to the rich vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory profile.

Sol Flower

Much like the sunflower, you are naturally drawn to the brilliance of the sun. It's nurturing energy resonates deeply within you, aligning and connecting you with your innermost essence.

Soak in the radiance of the sun, resonate with a higher frequency, radiate the light onto others, & emerge as your most authentic Self.  


Reef Friendly & Non-Toxic
100% Pure & Clean, with Sungrown Ingredients
Small Batch Crafted in Sunny Florida
Earth Conscious. Glass & Bamboo to minimize plastic & shipped in Compostable FSC Certified Packaging

Shake well & apply to exposed skin before your sol-ful day. Reapply often & as needed. Everyone's skin & sun tolerance is different, so frequency of application varies.

As applying, affirm, "my skin is youthful & beautiful. I am a radiant being!"

11 % Non-Nano, Non-Coated Zinc Oxide

Watermelon Seed Oil Citrullus vulgaris

Papaya Seed Oil Carica papaya

Organic Beeswax

Macadamia Nut Oil Macadamia intergrifolia

Hibiscus Seed Oil Roselle sabdariffa

Raspberry Seed Oil Rubus idaeus

Organic Blue Tansy Tanacetum annuum

Organic Frankincense Carterii Boswellia carterii

Sea Fennel Crithmum maritimum

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**Sol Babe is not liable for any adverse reactions or allergies to our products.  We disclose all product ingredients on our website to encourage personal discretion while shopping.


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Finally, a zinc sunscreen that goes on with a satin finish, absorbs quickly, and leaves a pretty shine. The blue color is so unique and makes me feel like an ocean girl. The smell of essential oils awakens my senses. This is a beautiful addition to my Sol Babe to-go bag!

Jerah Coviello

Sailor, Diver, Island Mama, Sol Babe

I need this suncreen in my life! It's amazing. I love the oily, shiny texture it leaves on my face, and at this age...I be all about the shine!

Janet Walker

Fisherwoman, Diver, & Water Lover

I love it all! I use the serum as moisturizer every morning!

Hannah Strader

Teacher, Florida Native, Beach Lover


Sol Flower's Story

Life can be so unexpected. In August, 2023, I had just moved to the east coast of Florida with my children and was about to let them go out to surf by themselves when suddenly my daughter collapsed to the ground, convulsing...she was having a tonic clonic seizure.

I thought my daughter was going to die. I had no idea why she was seizing, and all I could do was hold her as she lay unconscious and barely breathing in my arms for what felt like forever before the paramedics came.

The angels were looking over us that day, saving her from having that seizure while out in the water.

After some research & testing, it turned out my daughter had a rare form of epilepsy called Sunflower Syndrome. It's called sunflower syndrome because sunflowers are attracted to the sun, and so it is as well with someone with this syndrome.

The seizures are induced by the sun, and when directly in sunlight, they stare at the sun, as if hypnotized, and it causes you to wave your hand rapidly in front of your eyes (imagine brushing hair out of your eyes)... that is the seizure. She had started doing this about a year prior, and we all just thought it was a tick she would soon grow out of.

Our life is in the sun. We are a surfing family that live in the sunshine state! My world was rocked and my heart broken for my daughter.

My daughter is most alive when she is surfing! What gave us hope with this type of epilepsy is that it can be controlled with sunglasses and a hat, so that's what we did to keep her surfing and outside. I've been on a mission to heal my daughter instead of giving her drugs. This healing journey hasn't been easy, especially for a young girl. But we are seeing so much improvement. She hasn't done the classic "hand waving gesture" or "sun gazing" for months now.

Although still cautious, she can be in the sun now without it triggering her!

I am inspired by my brave and beautiful Sol Flower Child. I created a full spectrum sun protection lotion in honor of her, and she is the one pushing me and encouraging me to sell it!

I hope her story inspires other children with this syndrome, or anyone with any other rare syndrome to radiate and live from the heart, doing what you are passionate about, and to never give up on their healing journey.

Now with an even deeper appreciation of life, I'm pouring my heart into inspiring and supporting women who love the sea & sun. I'm so excited to share this product inspired by my baby girl: a sun protection for Sol Babes, because we can't help but be attracted to the sun!