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At Sol Babe, we share stories of women who have crafted a life around their love for the ocean.  They truly live life without concessions, listening to their calling, and aligning that with how they show up in the world.  We are here to connect you with others, to empower you to step into your calling, and to live life with no boundaries.  Truly radiating from your heart in service of others.  Meet a Sol Babe who does just that.   

Allison Dhand - Lawyer, Water Advocate, Freediver, Underwater Photographer, Mommy-To-Be 

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My name is Allie! I am a 33 year old sol babe living in the sunshine state with my hubs and two german shepherds, Kona and Kailani. I have made water my life’s purpose, both in career and lifestyle! As a water law attorney, my week days are dedicated to the protection of Florida’s water ways and resources, making sure these areas are conserved in perpetuity so my children and their children get to experience the beauty that is old florida. By weekend, you’ll find me underwater - whether it be in florida’s springs, freediving and photographing manatees, or somewhere across the globe filming charismatic marine mega fauna from whales to dolphins.

Her favorite organizations to support are Water Keeper for the incredible work they do, along with The Manatee Club, for their work to protect our  manatees and their precious habitats.  

To support this Sol Babe's efforts and her commitment to the environment, we are donating 3% of all profits to these organizations up until the end of April.  

Follow along on Allie's journey as she shares the beauty she captures through her lens, both underwater & above @allisonunderwater_

Shine on, Sol Babes 𖤓


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