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I am so happy to have a platform to inspire others, by sharing women who have heard that calling of the sea, and listened.  Women who embody a Sol Babe, who are lead by spirit and their connection to nature, fueled by their love for the ocean!  They face fear with a brave heart, and move through it with love & reverence.  Knowing that the only limitations we encounter, are the ones that are self made.  Sometimes, we just have to get out of our own way to do the things we've always wanted to do and live that we are in awe of, in accord with our authentic selves, doing the things that instill joy & bliss.  

Meet Sol Babe, Chelsea Kristine

@chel_s_e_a 𓇼 。˚ 𓆝。˚ 𓇼

Florida Native | Surfer | Freediver | Yogi | Mama

Born and raised on the beaches of Florida's east coast, Chelsea embodies the essence of a true water woman. From the moment she could walk she found herself drawn to the ocean's embrace. Now, at 35 years old, she's not just an occupant of the ocean; she's its guardian, its explorer, and its muse. 

As a mother of two, she instills in her children the same reverence for the sea that has defined her own life. For her, the ocean isn't just a playground—it's a way of existence. From the thrill of chasing swell in foreign places to the serene depths of freediving in remote paradise or finding inner peace through yoga by the shoreline, she has immersed herself in every aspect of ocean life. Her time as a lifeguard for Ocean Rescue is where she developed the appropriate nickname "Chel-of-the-Sea".  

Her journey has been one of adventure, fueled by an unquenchable thirst for new experiences. Whether she's traveling in pursuit of the perfect wave, training alongside legends like Alexey Molchanov and William Trubridge as a freedive instructor or dabbling into the world of fine art underwater modeling, she approaches each endeavor with unwavering passion and commitment. 


It's no wonder she’s born under the sign of Pisces; she is inherently bound to the water, her spirit as fluid and untamed as the ocean she calls home. But beyond her astrological alignment, it's her deep-seated connection to the ocean that truly defines her. It's in the ebb and flow of the tide, the salty embrace of the surf, that she finds not just her sanctuary, but her truest self. 

You can follow along on her Sol-ful journey on instagram, where her inner most essence really shines through, showcasing a world lived by and of the sea, @chel_s_e_a

It's for women like this that Sol Babe was created.  To provide healing & nourishing suncare products to support their lifestyle, share their stories to inspire others, & create retreats for this salty & sol-ful exploration.

Radiate & Shine. 


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